Bambino Mio - Swim Nappies (Pink Spots) – PrettyMums (by Knacktics)

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BambinoMio - Swim Nappies (Pink Spots)

BambinoMio - Swim Nappies (Pink Spots)

Bambino Mio
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  • No additional nappy is required
  • Leak-proof leg cuffs and waistband offer containment*
  • Soft cotton terry lining which is beautifully soft against baby’s skin
  • Concealed water resistant layer
  • Drawstring waistband for a secure and comfortable fit
  • Made from a lightweight fabric
  • Machine washable and can be tumble dried

*Containment of solids only. For hygiene reasons swimming pools require that babies wear suitable protection - normal suits offer no protection and ordinary nappies hold water, weighing the nappy down.

Size Information

Small: up to 6 months (5-7kg)
Medium: 6-12 months (7-9kg)
Large: 1-2 years (9-12kg)
Extra Large: 2+ years (12-15kg)

Note: Size ranges are approximates