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Happi Tummi
Happi Tummi

Happi Tummi - Refill for Colic & Gas Relief Waistband

Happy Tummi
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Changing your Happi Tummi herbal pouch regularly ensures that you will always get the maximum effectiveness in helping your fussy baby overcome the discomfort associated with not only colic but also gas, constipation, bloating, and other common digestive issues that can make your baby feel miserable and leave you feeling hopeless.

It is a good idea to keep several fresh herbal pouches on hand. A fresh pouch remains effective for between 30 to 40 uses on average.

When you receive your extra refills, be sure to store them in a cool, dry place.

Remember your Happi Tummi will provide your child with warm, soft comfort and relief through the infant years into the potty training stage and well into toddler ages.

  • Happi Tummi is great when babies start teething. Babies tend to get an acidic stomach and their tummy’s get sensitive.
  • When babies start eating solid foods, they may get stomach aches or sensitivity to foods. Happi Tummi immediately helps calm and soothe their stomach.
  • When babies or toddlers get constipated, Happi Tummi helps calm spasms and soothe the stomach to allow them to have a bowel movement.
  • When toddlers are in their potty training stage, many times they want to play and not stop to go to the bathroom. Happi Tummi helps calm them and have a bowel movement.
  • Some babies or toddlers experience constipation when on formula or when taking medicines. Happi Tummi will help relieve the constipation pain and soothe the upset stomach.