PrettyMums - Alletar Double Electric Breast Pump

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Prettymums - Alletar Double Electric Breastpump
Prettymums - Alletar Double Electric Breastpump

PrettyMums - Alletar Double Electric Breastpump

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The ultra-quiet function provides a soothing and calming environment for your baby! The smart function makes sure that you only have to set your settings once, as it will remember your last!

The Petal Massage Cushion can help reduce likelihood of engorgement as well! It mimics an infant’s breastfeeding motion, thus allowing a natural feel!

A total of 9 levels of suction & speed to choose from makes it SUPER COMFORTABLE!


Release: Petal Massage Cushion can greatly reduce likelihood of breast engorgement

Closed System: Protects against backflow

Natural: Mimics infant’s breastfeeding motion

Great Suction: Efficiently assist in postpartum lactation

Massage: 15 seconds automatic massage function after switching on

Adjustable: Select between 9 levels of suction and speed to suit your comfort


  • Main Motor Unit
  • Tubings (2 Units)
  • AC Adaptor
  • Protective Cover (2 Units)
  • Massage Cushion (2 Units)
  • Pump Body
  • Diaphragm (2 Unit)
  • Diaphragm Cap (2 Units)
  • Valves (4 Units)
  • Bottle (2 Units)
  • Bottle Stand (2 Units)
  • Bottle Cap (2 Units)
  • Bottle Teat (2 Units)
  • Sealing Disc (2 Units)
  • Screw Cap (2 Units)


  • 6 months limited warranty (against manufacturing defects) from the baby's Date of Birth or Purchase Date (whichever is later).
  • Warranty only cover the motor unit.
  • On-site warranty is provided (a loan set will be provided during the servicing period).